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Crystalware 2019  – February 11 Update
Creators of Virtual Worlds and Augmented RealityWe’re back and the World of Twine Demo should be out soon.

Creators of Virtual Worlds and Augmented Reality

Crystalware was first founded in 1981 and was one the first developers of video games for the Atari and Apple – and soon after PC desktop applications.  Now we are creating apps for Facebook, Google Play, and the Gear-VR headset to be run on the Galaxy s6 – s7 smart phones.CrystalVisionWikismall

We continue after 26 years in not only games but defense and advanced supercomputer technology development. Currently we are working on the World of Twine project – a VR and Augmented Reality simulation due for release this Christmas.  Using the Unity Engine we will push the limits of technology and present one of the first VR games which may be considered even beyond World of Warcraft or others – World of Twine – The Awakening.This page is currently under construction. Crystalware has done a great deal throughout the years and there are many stories and much new technology to share with the world. For now – we are focused on what will be a historical breakthrough which will change our world through Virtual and Augmented reality – a new frontier – and there will be many more beyond…World of Twine  http://worldoftwine.comOn Facebook


A few years ago my cousin called me going on and on about Unity and what it could do. Later I found a demo video and thought it was just another fancy cut-scene and the game – like so many others with incredible intro turn out to be – a lot less.
“It’s in real time. We can get that rez and speed real time. What did it look like?  Like this…

”’World of Twine”’ http://worldoftwine.com

The story and plot line to Twine – The Awakening has progressed a great deal from when I first saw this and was inspired to create World of Twine for Virtual Reality and the Trilogy – Twine. This early writing – well – the new is much better. Twine is coming alive and you will stand beside her in the demo in VR and see her and even adventure with her. Yet the phrase haunted me for a yearThe girl below is definitely a lot like Twine in the demo and the game – at first – when she is lost in the swamp and fighting with her evil twin Eniwt – more to come on the trilogy and the mythos behind World of Twine.
“She crept inside to the world below”

The Company of Wolves


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